Durham chapter member

Judy Bartley

Director, Chair - Durham Chapter at Ontario Power Generation (Retired)

Judy started her Nuclear career as a Shift Civil Maintainer at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station with Ontario Power Generation cleaning everything from toilets to inside the reactor.  Judy was the only female to be hired full-time in her department in June, 1999 and has worked alongside men, encouraging women to follow her lead. Heavy lifting, maneuvering in tight spots and working at heights were the norm for maintainers.  Being promoted to a First Line Manager in 2004 was both challenging and rewarding. 

Joining WiN-Canada in 2004 was an opportunity for Judy to reach out to other women to share experiences and knowledge.  Judy participated and assisted the organizing committee for the 2006 and 2021 WiN-Global Conferences.  She has been on the WiN-Durham Executive Board since 2010 and has been the WiN-Durham Chapter Chair since 2019.

Judy has been an integral part of Skills Ontario for many years, passing on the mentoring that she received throughout her career to invigorated young ladies and speaking to them of the benefits of working in the Trades. Promoting STEM and Skills Ontario is a passion of Judy’s with the desire to see our youth excel.

Judy has travelled across Canada visiting and learning about many facets of the Nuclear Industry.  From the mines in Saskatchewan to research and development in Ontario, to touring each Nuclear Station in Canada to learning about Isotope production – she is truly amazed and appreciates the experiences that being a member of Women in Nuclear has afforded her!