Eastern Ontario chapter member

Kiza Sauvé

Director, Chair - Eastern Ontario Chapter at Canaadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

Kiza Sauvé is the Director of the Health Sciences and Environmental Compliance Division at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Kiza is the Chair of Women in Nuclear (WiN) Canada, Eastern Ontario Chapter, and has been involved in WiN Canada for more than 5 years. 

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science (Chemical Engineering).  Since 2001, she has worked at the CNSC in a wide range of areas, such as wastes and decommissioning, environmental and radiation protection, environmental assessment, environmental compliance and laboratory services, and now health sciences and environmental compliance.  She is also involved in the workplace health and safety committee, the Women in Stem (WISTEM) Network, and the CNSC Book Club!  Kiza is a mentor through the CNSC mentorship program, as well as the WiN Canada mentorship program.

Kiza is passionate about communicating about science with Canadians. She has contributed her expertise to CNSC ZED Talks, Soapbox Science and many workshops and engagements with schools and Indigenous communities. 

She is a member of WiN because she believes that supporting and empowering women helps to make the workplace and the world better for everyone.