Sean Granville

Director, Member-at-Large at Ontario Power Generation

Sean is responsible for all of OPG’s generating fleet with a capacity of over 15,400 MWe consisting of 10 nuclear units, 66 hydro stations, 2 thermal stations, 1 solar facility and oversight of OPG subsidiaries, Atura Power and Eagle Creek Renewable Energy.

Sean’s background includes a 39 year nuclear career including three years at Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station in New Brunswick as the SVP and CNO.

Sean’s nuclear industry experience includes a WANO secondment, membership of the Canadian Nuclear Association and the Candu Owners Group.  Sean is currently a board member of The Nuclear Waste Management Organization and Women in Nuclear.  He also chairs the Canadian CNO Forum and is a member of the INPO Executive Advisory Group.

Sean is a graduate of The University of Waterloo with a B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering.